3/30/09 03/30/2009

Today I was at school in math. When I bent down to get my books off the floor, some girls at the other table saw my green & yellow plaid boxers. Then for the rest of the day they said " Nice underwear ------". I was kinda funny, but it was also kinda nice. At least they talk to me now. FISHY <><, ZERO (), HEART<3.

Cflame OUT!


There is this girl that dated me in third grade. We liked each other at first, but she started to not like me as much over a year or so. I found out one day that she didn't like me for the last three months of our relationship. That day we broke up. Now, we hate each other and race with each other to our classes to see who wins. Of course she always beats me since she makes me drop my pencils and stuff. I just have been miserable on my birthday since she broke up a day before that. Now, I like someone else. Her name can never be found out so none of this can happen again.