Weebly (3) 04/12/2009

Weebly is very fun all my friends love to make websites with it. First, you have to make an account for yourself. Then, you have to go to the email adress you created it on and comfirm that you made the account. Finally, Weebly will help you in the procces in making a website. If you have any questions about making a website that weebly did not tell you post a comment and I will give You some info on it.

Weebly (the 2) 04/12/2009

Weebly did not tell me to write this. I actually think weebly.com is a great site. Don't think that they are forcing me to tell you this because they are not. I really think this is a fun, easy way to create a site, and it's FREE!

Weebly 04/11/2009

Weebly is an awesome site you should make your own website. It is really easy and you have lots of fun. If you have any questions about weebly post me a comment and I try to give the most info I can.