Love 04/15/2009

If you have a hard time telling someone you like them here are some tips. DO NOT let any of your friends know you like them unless you completely trust them. Don't tell them at a random time, tell them when you two are alone and have a bit of chemistry. Before you tell them start to become friends with them and at a good time in your relationship tell him/her. Don't be afraid to be a bit flirty it could give them a hint that you like him/her. One last thing DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT tell anyone that you like him/her or else you can be made fun of for years. If you have questions you can post a comment and I will try to reply. Bye!

Thanks!!! 04/09/2009

One of my friends told me to write more stuff so I will! He said that someone was flirting with him. I don't know if he likes her, but flirting is a big sign to him that she is falling for him. Now I think he should gradually figure out if (blank) likes him. That was exactly what I did to find out if my EX liked me. If (blank) likes him, (and he likes her back) he should send out small signals that he likes her too. In the next month or so they coould be dating. If none of this works out I would concider just asking her if you two could be together. Be carful though, don't came on to strong or you relationship will go down the drain. I hope you can figure this out. Bye!


There is this girl that dated me in third grade. We liked each other at first, but she started to not like me as much over a year or so. I found out one day that she didn't like me for the last three months of our relationship. That day we broke up. Now, we hate each other and race with each other to our classes to see who wins. Of course she always beats me since she makes me drop my pencils and stuff. I just have been miserable on my birthday since she broke up a day before that. Now, I like someone else. Her name can never be found out so none of this can happen again.