Look!!! 04/15/2009

If you only look on my blog page for new stuff DON'T I also edit other pages too.

My Homepage 04/15/2009

My Homepage could get a makeover. I need my viewers to tell me whether I should give it a makeover or not. Thanks for voting. Bye!

I look dorky! 04/15/2009

I got my haircut before we went to Dave & Busters. I now look like a complete dork. If you know me you will be freaked out by my hair. IT'S SHORT. If you think there is any way for me to hide my hair please leave a comment.

OMG 04/15/2009

I'm so sorry my parents grounded me from the computer. Please forgive me.

Sorry 04/12/2009

I'm sorry I'm not in the mood for writing. I will try to get something to write about soon.

UUHHHH... 04/12/2009

Hi, someone left me a comment and there name was GV. I was just wondering if GV knows me. If you do tell me who you are please.

Thanks!!! 04/09/2009

One of my friends told me to write more stuff so I will! He said that someone was flirting with him. I don't know if he likes her, but flirting is a big sign to him that she is falling for him. Now I think he should gradually figure out if (blank) likes him. That was exactly what I did to find out if my EX liked me. If (blank) likes him, (and he likes her back) he should send out small signals that he likes her too. In the next month or so they coould be dating. If none of this works out I would concider just asking her if you two could be together. Be carful though, don't came on to strong or you relationship will go down the drain. I hope you can figure this out. Bye!