4/16/09 04/17/2009

Sorry I didn't write yesterday 4/16/09. I went on a half day trip to Pittsburg. My family and I first went to the zoo/aquarium at Pittsburg. My favorite part was seeong the jellyfish in their tanks. I also got a stuffed turtle (it's really cute.)Then, we went to the IKEA in Pittsburg. I was really tired and I didn't enjoy it at all. I just wanted to fall asleep. After, we went to a resturant called (I think) Quaker Steak & Lube. I got wings and I ate them like a mad man. My hands are still a bit sticky with BBQ sauce. Finally, we all went on the road to go home. On our way back we almost saw a gang fight. It was kinda cool. Then we found a Mcdonald's and we got a hot fudge sunde. When we got home I went over my friends house and we had some fun. But we had to go home early since it was late. I stayed uo untill 3:00 am and then I finally fell asleep. Thanks for reading. Bye!!!  



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