Today, my friend told the whole school that I'm gay. Odviously he doesn't know anything about what gay means. There are mutiple meanings. Anyway I got made fun of the whole day with people calling me a gay wad. Then, in the afternoon he made me sit by the window of the bus. (usually I don't, so I got mad at him. He could of at least asked nicely.) Then he got mad at me and we got into a little fight. He bit me then he hit me. Then he called me words I would rather not tell you. After, he punched me in the face and elbowed me. Finally, he swore at my family. (not directly) He also wrote a comment to me I really really REALLY don't want to share with you. If you can help me find a new friend that won't treat me like a sack of potatoes please leave a comment. (I probally won't publish your comment if it isn't nice or if it isn't on this topic.) Thanks for reading about my problems. Bye!!!



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