On 4/13/09 I went to the History museum. It wasn't that fun. The only fun thing was that thing where you drop a penny in and it spins around. After, we went to go shopping. I got deoterant, shampoo, body wash, braces floss, and a new soccerball. I have been sleeping with that soccerball every night. On 4/14/09 I went to Dave & Busters. That was the most fun I had in years. In total I got 500 somethin' tickets. With the tickets I was able to buy a teddy bear, a frisbee, a chineese toy, and some candy. After, my dad and I went to Lowe's to get a gas grill. He said that he will get me something. ( because he had a gift card he wanted to waste) I got a pocket knife with a handle made from real bone and a flashlight. Overall the last two days were amazing.I'm sorry for not writing anything. Bye!

OMG 04/15/2009

I'm so sorry my parents grounded me from the computer. Please forgive me.

Sorry 04/12/2009

I'm sorry I'm not in the mood for writing. I will try to get something to write about soon.

Weebly (3) 04/12/2009

Weebly is very fun all my friends love to make websites with it. First, you have to make an account for yourself. Then, you have to go to the email adress you created it on and comfirm that you made the account. Finally, Weebly will help you in the procces in making a website. If you have any questions about making a website that weebly did not tell you post a comment and I will give You some info on it.

UUHHHH... 04/12/2009

Hi, someone left me a comment and there name was GV. I was just wondering if GV knows me. If you do tell me who you are please.

Deams (2) 04/12/2009

My friend had another weird dream. He dreamt that there were a bunch of eggs in his house. They all hatched, but one was a dragon. Then, the reast turned into dragons. His house got burned down and he had to stay at his friend's house. He thought it was freally freaky.

Easter 04/12/2009

Today my sister and I tried to enjoy the last Easter egg hunt that we are going to have, but it was hard for me since my sister got the most eggs. It was kinda my fault because I followed her,and she got all the eggs.I got a lot of candy though. Overall Easter wasn't that bad. Write some comments on how your Easter was. Thanks for reading. Bye!

Weebly (the 2) 04/12/2009

Weebly did not tell me to write this. I actually think weebly.com is a great site. Don't think that they are forcing me to tell you this because they are not. I really think this is a fun, easy way to create a site, and it's FREE!

4/11/09 04/11/2009

Today my family and I were cleaning the house. It was really boring and I went crazy since I couldn't edit my site untill 9:05. I also was sad for my dog since she is going away soon. We are trying to let her have the most fun she can have before she goes up to.... you know.... heaven. I have been acting really weird lately. I've been eating all day but I'm getting lighter. I'm also not been wanting to do anything with my parents. I'm spending a lot of time by myself and I really just want to do.... well.... nothing. If you know what is happening to me please post a comment. Thanks for reading. Bye! Oh I forgot, please tell your friends about my site and tell them to tell their friends, and so on. Now, Bye!

Weebly 04/11/2009

Weebly is an awesome site you should make your own website. It is really easy and you have lots of fun. If you have any questions about weebly post me a comment and I try to give the most info I can.