Today, my friend told the whole school that I'm gay. Odviously he doesn't know anything about what gay means. There are mutiple meanings. Anyway I got made fun of the whole day with people calling me a gay wad. Then, in the afternoon he made me sit by the window of the bus. (usually I don't, so I got mad at him. He could of at least asked nicely.) Then he got mad at me and we got into a little fight. He bit me then he hit me. Then he called me words I would rather not tell you. After, he punched me in the face and elbowed me. Finally, he swore at my family. (not directly) He also wrote a comment to me I really really REALLY don't want to share with you. If you can help me find a new friend that won't treat me like a sack of potatoes please leave a comment. (I probally won't publish your comment if it isn't nice or if it isn't on this topic.) Thanks for reading about my problems. Bye!!!

4/20/09 04/20/2009

Today I went to school and the most exciting part of the day was when I took a test to see if I will go into accelerated LA. I thought I did really well, I think I only missed 1 or 2 questions. Soon I will be taking the mile. I tested how fast I can go on my tredmill and I finished a mile in 8 min. and 56 seconds. I was really happy. Also my glasses broke and I have to go to an eye doctor to get it fixed. Thanks for reading. Bye!!!

4/18/09 04/19/2009

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I was at my neighbors untill 11:30. Anyway, on 4/18/09 I called my friends and asked if we could do a car wash. They said sure. We only got one customer and that was my mom. After, my friend and I played a game we made up. I got horrible sunburn. The good thing is, is that I turn tan the next day or so. Finnaly, I went to my neighbors house and we made a fire. It was fun. I went to bed wating the Soup. Overall 4/18/09 was fun. Thanks for going on my site. Bye!!!

4/17/09 04/17/2009

Today I just realxed waiting to do something. The only bad thing is that when we went ot the zoo yesterday my sister got the flu. I am now going to get it. Anyway, I helped my dad do yard work. Like I told you I didn't do much. I'll have lots to tell tommorow. Bye!!!

4/16/09 04/17/2009

Sorry I didn't write yesterday 4/16/09. I went on a half day trip to Pittsburg. My family and I first went to the zoo/aquarium at Pittsburg. My favorite part was seeong the jellyfish in their tanks. I also got a stuffed turtle (it's really cute.)Then, we went to the IKEA in Pittsburg. I was really tired and I didn't enjoy it at all. I just wanted to fall asleep. After, we went to a resturant called (I think) Quaker Steak & Lube. I got wings and I ate them like a mad man. My hands are still a bit sticky with BBQ sauce. Finally, we all went on the road to go home. On our way back we almost saw a gang fight. It was kinda cool. Then we found a Mcdonald's and we got a hot fudge sunde. When we got home I went over my friends house and we had some fun. But we had to go home early since it was late. I stayed uo untill 3:00 am and then I finally fell asleep. Thanks for reading. Bye!!!  

4/15/09 04/15/2009

Today my dad and I went to a hobby shop to get airplane fuel. It was really disappointing since there was nothing there and the fuel wasn't grade A quality. Then, we went to get frosties. They were good. After, my dad and I went to the bank to get a check. Finally, we went to get some tires for my mom's car. Tonight my family and I got into a fight and everything just went bad. I don't want to talk about it. Bye.

Look!!! 04/15/2009

If you only look on my blog page for new stuff DON'T I also edit other pages too.

Love 04/15/2009

If you have a hard time telling someone you like them here are some tips. DO NOT let any of your friends know you like them unless you completely trust them. Don't tell them at a random time, tell them when you two are alone and have a bit of chemistry. Before you tell them start to become friends with them and at a good time in your relationship tell him/her. Don't be afraid to be a bit flirty it could give them a hint that you like him/her. One last thing DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT tell anyone that you like him/her or else you can be made fun of for years. If you have questions you can post a comment and I will try to reply. Bye!

My Homepage 04/15/2009

My Homepage could get a makeover. I need my viewers to tell me whether I should give it a makeover or not. Thanks for voting. Bye!

I look dorky! 04/15/2009

I got my haircut before we went to Dave & Busters. I now look like a complete dork. If you know me you will be freaked out by my hair. IT'S SHORT. If you think there is any way for me to hide my hair please leave a comment.